Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Sick, Crap Fairs and Quinn on Crack

Last Thursday, Quinn came home from school and just sat down. He didn't eat hardly any of his lunch (nachos, and veggies) and he just continued to sit and watch TV. I was perfectly happy with this, especially since I had emptied out his and Nate's room to reorganize (read--throw away old toys) and clean it up. I kept an eye on him, but I wasn't really worried because he had fought going to bed the night before and I figured he was tired.

About halfway through the cleaning up, he got up and went into my bedroom to take a nap. Something had to be up, because this kid is NOT the type who just naps. He fights sleep. So I went in and felt his forehead---HOT. Oh, shit, I thought, there goes the rest of the day. His temp was 104. I called the doctor and got ready to leave. Get this--Paul took all the cash we had on hand to work (idiot), he also took the insurance card (double idiot), and left me barely enough gas to get to the doctor and back. I called him and gave him a wee small piece of my mind. The diagnosis: strep. Antibiotics and rest. He is fine now......

I however, am not. I'm sick. I don't have a fever and probably don't have strep, but I've got the cold symptoms and can't sleep. Nyquil you say??? Oh no. Not unless I want to be in a coma for the next 2 days. I love me my Nyquil, but unless Paul is going to be home, I can't do it. So Quinn is great and making up for lost time by running around our house like a crazy man. I, on the other hand, am doing nothing other than sitting on my way-too-big ass.

Yesterday was a good day. My Auntie Jean and I went to the local craft fair. Paul and I call them crap fairs. I love looking and making the occasional purchase, Paul would rather do almost anything than go with me. When Auntie Jean called and asked if I still wanted to go, Paul saw this as a sign from the good Lord himself. He couldn't get me out of the house fast enough. I went to take a shower and went into our room to find he had layed out my clothes, made sure my cell phone was charged and had put money into my purse. Even my coat and scarf were ready for me. Auntie Jean picked me up and we went to the fair. Lots of nice stuff. We didn't really need anything, but I got her a small snowman, and she got me a big one. We then went to the dollar store to get a couple of tins she could fill with cookies and give away. Then lunch--yummy.

After that we went to the Lake County Visitors Center to see their Christmas display. The 1983 movie "A Christmas Story" turns 25 years old this year. It was set in Hammond. My hometown borders Hammond, Indiana, (it is called Hohman in the movie--in reality Hohman is a main street in Hammond). Other than being on Lake Michigan and making steel, northwest Indiana isn't known for much--except this movie.

Our visitors center got the Macy's window displays that were done in honor of the movie. They are selling leg lamps. The movie will be shown, there's an ugly lamp contest, autograph signings with a couple of the stars--all that jazz. We looked at all the displays and then came home. I'm taking my kids next weekend. Santa sits on a big deck and after telling him their wishes, kids have to go down a slide to leave. If you haven't seen the movie, I'm sure you are thinking I've lost my mind, so go and see it. I haven't met anyone who hasn't loved it.

So, what do you do for fun around the holidays??

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Kim said...

Oh, I love that movie! My in-laws actually went to see the house used in the movie. We are going to watch it this weekend, hopefully once we get our house unpacked.

Hope you feel better soon. Tylenol Cold makes me feel better.