Friday, July 4, 2008

Holiday Fun

Well, we've stopped long enough to give the younger boys a break. They are in the living room watching some patriotic flick with dad. After they rest for a bit, we will go out again and watch our neighbors loose their minds with all the illegal crap they can light up.

Last night, our town had it's annual Twillight Parade. AKA fire truck hell. It seemed like every freaking town in our area took its entire fleet of fire equipment and paraded it down one of our main streets--blaring their sirens the entire route.

Quinn didn't go. He was tired and cranky and well, he has no concept of staying out of the street. Nate loved the parade. Lots of cheap candy and all the neighbor kids commenting on how cool his new style looked. (Cousin who does hair gave him highlights after highlighting my hair earlier in the day.)

The parade was done by 9ish and we picked up our chairs and walked the entire 3 houses down our street and waited for firework hell to break loose. It did--until 2 am. I don't know what brings out the pyros in our town, but they all are out from the end of June until July 5. Perhaps it is the fact that the police turn a blind eye to their activities. Ya think????

Not that we are in any way immune to this. Paul came home empty handed from the local illegal fireworks guy, because he (the fireworks guy, not Paul) had been busted by the police. My brother, Azzwipe, looked at him, laughed and said, "Go back at 6. He should be out by then."

Matt and Paul are going to go get some legal stuff to wake the dead tonight. I'll let you know if any limbs go missing.

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