Saturday, July 26, 2008

Respect the Van

Ahhhhh. Weekends. Life is good on weekends. Paul is home to help with da boys. Paul is home and WILLING to help with da boys. I get to do some serious retail therapy.

We only have one car now. Actually, it is a minivan. I gave up years ago, people. I love my minivan. We did the SUV thing for a couple of years, but needed that third row seat and didn't want to have to pay our annual salary to get it.

Having one car--ahem, minivan, makes it hard during the week. I have two choices. I can either stay home or I can take Paul to work and then pick him up. Since Paul has to be up and outta here at 2-3:30 am, option 2 will only happen when I absolutely NEED to be somewhere. So, Monday through Friday until 5 pm, I'm stuck.

Being stuck isn't such a bad thing all the time. Even if we did have that elusive second car, I wouldn't be doing much more than I do now in terms of going anywhere. We are within walking distance of 3 parks, the downtown area, and a little grocery store is two doors down. We don't live in da country.

Just imagine, if you will, being told by your doctor that you can't have, oh I dunno, lunchmeat anymore. You aren't a lunchmeat eater, maybe a sandwich a month or so, but now, you can't have it at all. What's the first thing you are going to want upon arriving home from the doctor's office???? I'm willing to bet it is a bologna sandwich with a salami chaser and a shot of honey ham and turkey. That's sortve what it is like for me. I don't really have to go anywhere during the day, and the van would sit in our driveway all day long, but you know, just having it there makes me feel better.

My biggest concern is when school starts. I'm gonna need something for going to PTC stuff and then there's the room mom meetings. I could walk I suppose, but in rain and cold weather???? Um, I don't think so. Fat girl wants her car-um, van.

We have been looking. Surprisingly, with gas prices going up up up, used minivan prices are NOT going down, down, down. And if it weren't for crap credit, we'd have no credit at all. So, the search for a 3-5 year old minivan with automatic seats and air is on. Hopefully, we won't have to sell a kid or a kidney to have one within the next 3 weeks.

Wish us luck.

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