Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nate the Great's Birthdate

Dear Nate,

Today you turned six. Where did all the time go??? It seemed like just yesterday, Mommy was sitting around hoping and praying for a baby, and now here you are 6 YEARS OLD.

Let me tell you, son, you were one awesome baby. I will NEVER forget the first time I saw you. Daddy was so afraid to hold you. I think he was afraid you would break. You were beautiful--AND THE HAIR......Oh, Lordy, I will NEVER forget the HAIR. Son, you were born with a full head of the thickest, blackest hair I have EVER seen on a baby. EVER!!!! I looked at your daddy and said, "Good God, I think I just gave birth to Wayne Newton's baby." I know you don't understand who the heck Wayne Newton is now, but I'll tell you more about him one day.

I so enjoyed having you. You were really, the perfect baby. You slept well, you were a great eater, and I believe you loved me as much as I love you. Even though we were having our house remodeled by an idiot, you took it all in stride.

Even now, I look at you and am constantly amazed by how much you've grown. You are such a beautiful boy and even though you can get upset easier now, you still seem like a pretty happy kid most of the time. I love the way you hug me when you walk into a room. I love how you want to help with everything all the time.

Please continue to be you. Don't cave into the pressure of being someone you are not. I know kids gave you grief in kindergarten because you still love Thomas the Tank Engine and the Wiggles. Love them anyway. Try as hard as you can to be kind. Treat others like you want them to treat you.

Nate, you make my life complete. You make it worth living. You are a wonderful young man, and I hope you continue to be the best Nate you can be.

I love you forever and always with all my heart.


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