Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Loves Me Some Target

Target, Tarjay, whatever. I have some serious love for Target. It is my favorite store of.all.time. Except for maybe the Disney Store or Pottery Barn Kids (like I could actually afford anything from there). I love their kids clothes, shoes and the toy department. I buy all my cleaning supplies from there, and their scrapbooking section isn't too shabby either.

I really need to get a life because tonight is the THIRD night in a row I've been to Target. I'm thinking they need to pay me or something. Last night, I got a few cheapie toys for the boys (bubbles, squirt guns, sidewalk chalk) and some cleaning stuff. Tonight was my new-underwear-for-Paul-and-Matt run. I also ended up getting some dryer sheets and a Real Simple magazine. Don't even ask me what I got the night before last, because I don't remember--it had to be cleaning stuff because obviously, I have no clue and who cares about cleaning anywhooo......

I have friends who work at Target. It seems like half of Nate's school works there, and a friend of mine since high school. I wouldn't mind a little part time gig at Target, except for the fact that I'd end up owing them money, and that just sucks. Or I'd screw up and get fired for doing something stupid and then I couldn't show my face there again, and I might as well kill myself if that would happen. Cuz you know life ain't worth livin without the Target.

Well, it is late, Matt's gonna want the computer back, and I've gotta go figure out why I don't have a life.

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