Thursday, July 10, 2008

100 Things About me

Ok....I have read other people's blogs and they have these 100 lists.....I tried to put mine elsewhere, but I went over my 500 character limit. I spent some time on this, so here it is.

1. I share a birthday with George Harrison (Feb. 25)
2. I turned 40 this year. (2008)
3. I attended Ball State University (alma mater of David Letterman, Jim Davis--the guy who created Garfield, and Joyce DeWitt--Janet of Threes Company.
4. Matt's birth father, Bud, was my first love and really broke my heart when he left me.
5. I got over him and know we are better off without him.
6. I met Paul on a dare to place a personal ad.
7. Our second date, we figured out we had actually met when I was pregnant with Matthew and he was engaged to someone else.
8. I knew from the second week we were dating that he was the one.
9. We were married two years before we found out he was sterile.
10. I went a little nuts for awhile and tortured myself by going to Babies R Us and looking at baby stuff.
11. We went through fertility testing and 2 unsuccessful IUIs before getting pregnant with Nate.
12. Nate was a twin. I lost that baby at 7 weeks.
13. I was so grateful for one baby making it, I didn't mourn the twin until I was in labor and I had to have 2 sacs broken.
14. Quinn is my mini me.
15. He was only 3 weeks early but almost died because his lungs weren't mature yet.
16. I didn't handle the entire baby in the nicu well. I woke up screaming after 90 minutes of sleep.
17. Paul was afraid for me at that time, he called the doctor daily to ask what he should do.
18. Matt is autistic and was not expected to speak, read, do math, or socialize.
19. He graduated in June 2008, received 6 varsity letters, made the honor roll, and has a girlfriend.
20. Nate has aspergers
.21. Nate is one smart cookie and is harder to work with than Matt.
22. I worry about Quinn and watch for signs all the time.
23. I also worry about worrying too much about Quinn, I don't want to make too much out of nothing.
24. I have always wanted to be a SAHM.2
5. My house is a mess and that drives me nuts.
26. I have tried doing FlyLady and love her, but I need to declutter.
27. I hate doing laundry.
28. I love grocery shopping.
29. I wish I had just a little me time to scrapbook and cross stitch.
30. I have fought depression for years, sometimes with medication, and sometimes not.
31. Paul had a bad 3 years on the job scene, so no insurance, so no medication, I've been on my own.
32. He just went back to work and finally has a good job.
33. I hope this one works out cuz I make a crappy poor person.
34. My favorite color is red.
35. I love Nancy Grace's hair.
36. Most people don't know who Nancy Grace is so they can't imagine her hair.
37. I used to be very into fashion and accessories.
38. Being poor and overweight can sure put a crimp in clothing choices, so I gave up.
39. Before getting pregnant with Nate, I lost almost 90 lbs.
40. I've gained part of it back.
41. I want to lose the weight again.
42. My blog name comes from a college buddy who drove up to a McDonald's drive up and said, "I'd like world peace and a cheeseburger please." It was funny at the time.
43. We have 4 dogs now, but have owned 4 other dogs.
44. Our jack russell terrier, Merit, died 3 years ago.
45. We adopted her niece, Snapshot, shortly afterwards.
46. Snap was pregnant at the time and our breeder didn't know it.
47. I don't know nothing about birthing puppies.
48. Starr was a still birth.
49. Luckie died two days later--Snap layed on him and smothered him.
50. Snap got cancer and died less than a year later.
51. Paul still cannot look at jack russell terriers without tearing up.
52. I tear up too.
53. Our chocolate lab, Clara, died recently too. We miss her.
54. I am adopted.
55. My parents had two children who died before I was born and my mom was advised to have children by one doctor and not to by another--so they adopted me.
56. The following year, in June, she had my brother, Azzwipe.
57. My brother is just a waste of space.
58. He has 4 kids, all of them raised by my parents.
59. He is one selfish bastard.
60. Dad likes him best and treats him like a God.
61. That drives me nuts.
62. I'm an ass kisser and want to make people happy.
63. My parents didn't show up for Matt's graduation party. They wanted to go to an auction.
64. I haven't forgiven them.
65. Paul's parents died before I got pregnant with Nate.
66. I really miss them a lot.
67. I love all things Disney.
68. The only vacations we have been on as a family have been to Disney World.
69. We are Notre Dame fans.
70. Quinn is named after Brady idea.
71. I went to Vegas with my friend, Mo, and would really really love to go back.
72. I can't wait for school to start.
73. I have a "lottery house" in town-a house that I would buy if we ever won the lottery. It is still for sale and I drive by all the time to look at it.
74. I love reading organization and decorating magazines.
75. If this job works out for Paul, I'll be doing less reading and more buying to get things done around here.
76. My favorite dish is fresh mozzerella and tomato salad.
77. I love cooking.
78. I have way too many cookbooks.
79. I still have 3 of my favorite stuffed animals from way back when I was little: Mr. Fish, Brown Teddy, and Go Go (some wierd clown thing).
80. I will never get rid of those stuffed animals either.
81. I am anal about the organization of my pantry.
82. This drives Paul nuts.
83. I'm a closet Wiggles fan. Anybody who can make both of my boys that happy is wonderful in my eyes.
84. I love Wierd Al. Matt loves him too.
85. Paul looks kinda like Drew Carey, and I think he's sexy.
86. I really can't think of a star that is still alive that I actually like
.87. I'm crazy about Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and John Wayne. They make me swoon.
88. I love the Beatles and Elvis.
89. I also listen to Kanye West and Usher.
90. I have enough scrapbooking stuff that if I died at 95 and spent 7 hours a day scrapbooking, I'd still leave stuff behind for my kids.
91. The same goes for cross stitching.
92. I hate being stuck at home all day with the kids..we only have one car.
93. Politicly, I lean more to the conservative side.
94. I love both John McCain and Barack Obama personality wise.
95. I am full of useless knowledge. I rock at trivia games.
96. I'm running out of stuff to tell you about me.
97. I need more Clinique foundation.
98. Quinn lost my charm bracelet yesterday. He is so lucky I love him.
99. I love going to Borders, getting a stack of books and magazines and reading.
100. I have some serious love for Target


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